Welcome to Marla’s website, a journal of her recovery from and life with traumatic brain injury.

Marla was injured in a car accident on December 13, 2002. On the way to Winter Park, Colorado to enjoy a day of snowboarding, the vehicle in which she was a passenger slid off an icy mountain road on US 40 Berthoud Pass. Marla’s side of the vehicle impacted a tree, causing severe injuries. Emergency medical personnel arrived at the accident scene within 10 minutes, and Marla was transported to St. Anthony’s Level I Trauma Center in Denver via the Flight for Life helicopter.

Marla suffered a traumatic brain injury in the left side of her brain, as well as multiple fractures to her right arm, her jaw, and clavicle. She underwent multiple surgeries to reconstruct her right arm, and spent 3 12 weeks in the intensive care unit at St. Anthony’s Hospital, under the care of the most wonderful and devoted medical professionals. Shortly before leaving St. Anthony’s, Marla was accepted to the rehabilitation program at Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado, which specializes in the treatment of brain and spinal cord injuries, and is known as one of the finest facilities of its kind in the country.

From this starting point, Marla has traveled on a personal journey of courage – helped by outstanding medical and rehabilitation teams as well as the support and prayers from friends and family all over the world. Marla she continues to show us the strength, determination, and resolve that we have always known in her. She faces daily challenges, but she is always optimistic about her long-term success. We hope that, as a friend of Marla, you will check in on Marla’s updates periodically, and share your encouragement, ideas and prayers with her.

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